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Phil Atwill


Fresh off several top world cup 20 finishes over the past few seasons, 21 year old Phil Atwill is already considered a social media and video edit king, with a large following after only a few seasons. From the South West of the UK, his wild and flamboyant style is recognised worldwide as well as his growing bag of tricks. Phil will be pushing for the elusive top 10 finish in the 2016 season, as well as media mastery.

Hometown– Berkhamsted, UK

Nickname– There’s a selection … Philosophy, Paul Atwol, Freestyle Phil, Pill..

Category– Elite

Height– Just over 6 foot

Weight– 70kg

Best Result– 14th Meribel World cup France 2014 (I was stoked)

Fav Track– Val di sole

Fav Food– Rats Mums Cooking

Idol– Peaty

Fav Riding Spot– Chinnor Woods, UK

Biggest accomplishment– Pretty stoked on landing a double flip oh and signing with Ben for the next 2 years!

Best memory off track– I’ve had so many good times but had a good time up at the lake above Morzine last season with the team after Lenzerheide World cup.. things got pretty funny!

A weird fact about yourself– There’s many – I can’t breathe through my right nose hole though.

2016 goals– I want to ride how I know I can at every race!

Words you live by– There’s not point getting to stressed about life, you only live once so you gotta live it to the full!

Instagram– @Phil_Atwill