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Innes Graham is a Scottish underdog. With British National podiums and several world cup top 20 finishes under his belt, he’s looking for redemption after suffering injuries during the 2015 season. His smooth, flat out style could prove to bring in the results as he gets back to racing and pushes to get back inside the top 20 in 2016.

Hometown– Currently live in a small town called Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders.

Nickname– Don’t really have one yet… Although I’m sure that’ll change this year.

Category– Elite.

Height– 5′ 11″ or there abouts.

Weight– 66kg

Best Result– Probably my first elite world cup where I finished 17th overall. That was rad!

Fav Track– Hafjell, Mont Saint Anne or Schladming.

Fav Food– I have a thing for Tiramisu..

Idol/s– Pretty much anyone who puts 110% into what they do and love.

Fav Riding Spot– If it’s not downhill related the next best thing is probably hanging with some good mates at the skatepark.

Biggest accomplishment– Again, probably Fort William World Cup last year. If i had to pick another it’d be Junior Nationals Champs which I won as a first year junior.

Best memory off track– Getting to travel the world with some top mates and see all these crazy places at such a young age.

A weird fact about yourself– I like things to be in alphabetical order. For example DVD’s. along with my Dirt Mag collection has to be in order of issue. Slightly ocd…

2016 goals– Be a consistent rider all year, learn as much as possible and do my best.

Words you live by– “the harder you work, the luckier you will be”

Bangers or mash?– I’m vegetarian. I’ll stick with mash.

Instagram– @innesgraham